Saturday, June 12, 2010

Going to the Fire Station

Our friend Faye Dawn is a firefighter here in Utah. She let us come visit one the stations she works at last fall. My kids LOVED it and having been waiting to go back ever since. Chloe, in fact, was brave enough to go down the fire pole with Faye Dawn last time and has since been practicing on the pole on her kindergarten playground. She took us to a different station that had a firetruck with the ladder and bucket for my kids to ride in. First things first, we had to check out the fire truck.

Then, we had to climb inside and check out all the gear.

This was Jack's favorite toy. One of the firefighters even showed Jack how to make the
lights and sirens go! Somehow, his little toy cars just aren't as exciting anymore. :-)
Taking sister for a spin!
Next, they pulled the truck out of the station so we could go for a ride. Jack was excited! The girls...not so much. Cassie took Jack up for me so I could coax the girls (and myself) to go up. Heights are definitely NOT my thing.

Here we go! We climbed up the back of the truck and up the ladder,
into the bucket,
got strapped in,
and UP, UP, UP we went!!!!
We went up only half the length the ladder can go, which was 55 feet! The girls thought that was high enough. Then we did a full circle around the truck... what an awesome view!
That is the top of the fire station!
There was a baseball field next to the station.
Can you see our silver SUV? Looks pretty small!

Chloe was over her fear pretty fast. She figured out that she could use her belt as a swing.
This was the view with the ladder facing the back of the truck. If this were a real emergency, that is what I would be climbing down! WOW!

After the ladder came down, and we climbed out, Faye Dawn drove the truck back into the bay.

We climbed in too and Jayleih put on the radio to talk to her.

Jack, of course, wanted to as well.Chloe just enjoyed the ride!
Faye Dawn and the other firemen were awesome! Thanks guys!
We had to go to the original station she took us to last year for the full experience. What's a fire station without a pole? Faye Dawn took each of my kids down the three story pole. Jayleih was brave enough to try it this time!
Chloe showed Faye Dawn her new skills she had been practicing.
Jack, just like last time, couldn't get enough. Who knows, maybe I have some little firefighters in the making!


Joanie said...

Jaq, I love it. What a fun thing to do with the kids and what a great friend. Love this post.

Sweet P's Blog said...

I want to go!!! I've always wanted to drive the back end of a hook and ladder truck. As far as going up the ladder, I'll just enjoy the pictures. Faye Dawn is amazing. Good to have such outstanding friends.